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What is the Wharton Kids First Foundation and who is behind it?


The Wharton Kids First Foundation is a tax-exempt organization founded by members of Wharton's educational community, business leaders and concerned citizens.

Why was it founded?


With state funding decreasing and educational performance expectations set at ever increasing levels, the Board of Education recognized a need for a significant financial resource that would not impact the local taxpayer.

Does this mean that my taxes will go down?


No (although that would be nice!). It does mean, however, that the children of Wharton will be offered advanced educational opportunities commonly found in the more affluent districts of the state.




Isn't the foundation just another arm of the Board of Education or PTA?


No. Although the Board of Education did aid the foundation with the legal process of getting off the ground, the foundation is an entirely self-sustaining organization. However, the current board of trustees does include the Wharton Boro superintendent of schools and a member of the Board of Education and PTA.


How does the foundation differ from other educational organizations in town like the local PTA?


The PTA is an organization that provides much needed funding for school functions or equipment beyond the limits of the Board of Education budget. While grants from the PTA are typically intended to fund such things as new band equipment or certain field trips, the role of the foundation is more long term in nature, although some foundation funds could go toward immediate educational needs of the district.


Fequently Asked Questions

What are some specific goals of the foundation?


Wharton Kids First is dedicated to establishing new and diverse educational opportunities for the children of Wharton through fundraising events, grant solicitations and corporate and private donations.

What is meant by the term "long term" goals?


The main focus of the foundation is on building funds toward a growth oriented endowment. This endowment, similar to those found at private schools or universities, will eventually serve the children of Wharton district for years to come with educational opportunities beyond the scope of state mandates and required courses. The Wharton Kids First Foundation firmly believes that our children are our future and we are committed to providing them with challenging educational opportunities and the financial means to make use of those opportunities to the best of their ability. Your participation in this initial fundraiser is greatly appreciated and we thank you in advance for your continued support.



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